“A crystal is as delicate as a flower-perhaps more. Difference between them? One demands value, the other waits for love.”

Have you ever wondered why we are not always surrounded by people or why do not receive a lot of attention all the time, sometimes even less? Of course it’s not normal but also not desirable to be burdened with all the unnecessary opinions everytime. But beyond the feelings and thoughts we have about these aspects, there is a larger element existing to maintain the equilibrium between our priviledges and needs- all for one sole reason- expansion and enrichment of individual visions and experiences. No matter how far logic and technology advances, it will remain and undeniable truth that there exists an interaction between the living world and the universe- an unbreakable bond, a strong relation. If only one can see beyond one’s impregnable fortress of requirements, can light be thrown on the immense amount of facilities that bond provides.

Throughout our life’s journey, we gather so much knowledge, in the infinite number of moments we create, each one being an essential bit of our character. We grow as individuals and put our utmost efforts to create new associations be it with someone or something and still never have enough, but fail to mend the impairities in the already existing relations that have been altogether. ‘Not everything that glitters is gold’ is known by all but how many of us actually realize the statement’s meaning in our activities? Not many; which is the reason behind so many lonely hearts and succumbed minds in this big crowded world. It is easy to click with certain traits of people suddenly and easier to transform oneself into their habits in order to gain a large company of sweet faces and sugary words. It is then, equally difficult to cling on to the same old people and invest time on them to see the perfect bond behind the imperfect living beings; because as humans, variation is always the spice to life. Also, it’s not that difficult if a basic ingredient called ‘love’ and a quality of ‘patience’ stays in one’s character. People should be irreplaceable and souls unshakable with deep rooted principles- such should be the power of a relationship. A relationship which is peaceful and symbiotic yet retains the Beauty to touch and change the people not only whom it binds but others too.

There arises times for everyone I guess, when nothing seems right and nothing happens to be in place. Aren’t those the times when we need a shoulder to rest upon? A familiar shoulder? Relationships then come to play huge role. Stripping off all its masks and colours, a true one is separated from a false one. It shows then, how strong and deep the foundation of a connection has been. We happen to see through as to which relationship demands us and which one waits for our care in its secrecy.

A person’s life is what a person genuinely is and wants, likewise, his associations with his fellow beings reflect his thoughts even in the corners of the mind. Breaking free of all the complexities of one’s thinking process, one finally searches for a company that is calm and serene because isn’t freedom all we want? At all levels?

A society is made for being the support system of it’s constituent beings but alas over the years it has been diificult for mankind to hold it’s worth and being social eventually means more of fiiting into norms created by others instead of being one’s candid self. Upto some extent we even try our best to play our roles too. But an enactment cannot last very long. Thus, we are, we ill like we always have been- evolving to bring out the best in us and build each other, to complement each other because deep inside we all hold the essence of Mother Nature of growing towards a bright beautiful golden sunshine.

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